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Technology continues to entwine its way into our daily tasks and having access to the Internet 24-7 allows a person to multitask from the palm of their hands.  Technology makes just about anything easily obtainable.

Accessing websites 24-7 to print manufacturer coupons is gradually becoming the standard way of clipping coupons.  The percent of the population who reads the Sunday paper online has increased and companies needed to shift the way they got their manufacturer coupons in front of consumers.  Now people can visit a webpage at any time of day to choose and print Internet coupons to save money each time they grocery shop.  Most food stores now accept Internet coupons.  The transition has taken place and will continue.

Digital couponing will continue to rise in popularity too.  Major food store chains have digital coupons listed on their websites.  All a consumer has to do is create a free account, browse through the website to learn where the digital coupons are listed then click on the digital coupons they want added to their store saving card.  At check out when the cashier swipes your saving store card the coupons will get deducted from the total.  Grocery store digital coupons are the same as paper manufacturer coupons without having to print and clip.  Save money and time at the same time.

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From local privately owned small businesses to fast food restaurants, department stores, and gas stations businesses advertise sales and offer coupon savings online either through email or on a website.  People can visit a company website to register their email to receive coupons in their inboxes to print out the coupon or open the coupon using the mobile device when physically in the store shopping to have the cashier scan the coupon bar code to receive the discount.

Taking the time to register your email at your favorite places to shop can save you a lot of money and time.  Mobile is the future and mobile devices help people use their time more wisely.  Think about how many hours a week you need to wait on a line, wait for the kids to get out of school or have an appointment and end up waiting in a waiting-room for 30-minutes or more.  During those lost minutes that turn into lost hours by the end of the week, you could have browsed weekly circulars for sales, transferred eCoupons to your grocery store saving cards and organized your email to have coupon bar codes readily available when you hit the stores.  The mobile coupon frenzy has begun.

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Has this ever happen to you?

You reach the cashier and you watch the register screen to make sure the scanner is properly charging you the right price for each item and at the same time you are bagging your groceries, have children hanging on you and someone is texting you.  You become so preoccupied that you forget to ask the cashier if they scanned the coupons you handed to them when you first got on line.  You then roll out of the store and get settled in your car and you decide to review the recipe and realize the cashier never scanned the paper coupons and that means the coupons never got deducted off the total of the bill.

There is less room for error when using digital coupons.  You browse through your SavingStar account and the grocery store website to electronically transfer manufacturer coupons directly to your store saving cards and when the cashier scans your store saving card at the start of the cash-out, you don't need to remember to double check if the cashier actually scanned the paper coupons to save money.  Less room for error, less work because you don't have to print or clip or use a coupon holder to hold and organize coupons and less money spent because you don't have to use ink or paper to produce a coupon when printing from the web.

Electronic coupons is the future of saving money when couponing.

The next time you hit the supermarket don't forget to print out your Internet coupons and don't forget to transfer your eCoupons to your store loyalty cards.

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